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Ash and the Omen

Ash and the Omen - Animated Series - Episode 1

A lonely blackguard strives to prove himself to his mistress - an evil Sorceress, but he meets a group of misfits and fits right in. Now he has to decide whether to continue on his path of power or protect his new friends.

Episode 1
Ryetash makes his way to the sacred village. After a fight with the paladins guarding it, he reaches the volcano and the lava pool. The Dragon’s Skull hovers over the lava. Rye manages to steal it and take it back to Sol’Zara.

She is very pleased with his performance but senses that he has doubts about the whole ritual and possessing so much power.

Ryetash meets Key and her friends in the kitchen and joins them on one of their nightly raids. They retire to an empty bedroom and Rye listens to their hopes and dreams and thoughts about the Dragon.

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